Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My life for the next five years

I was having this dilemma for the past week and I couldn't bring myself to the right decision. Until a friend told me that I should take it as my first medical school lesson- that I will have to sacrifice a few things from now on, for the next five years. After all, medical school is my priority.

I had a prior schedule of attending a meeting in Dumaguete when the date for the freshman orientation was released. Unfortunately, it overlapped with my Dumaguete trip. Both of the events were really important to me. The former was my idea of having closure to my current job as a researcher. It would be the last work-related affair that I would be attending to. Moreover, it was a travel opportunity and I was giddy of the idea of exploring a new place. But then again, I also couldn't miss the orientation since it is already part of the medicine program. I couldn't imagine going to the first day of classes not knowing anything about what I have signed up for. Besides, the partner hospital would not allow any medical student to do clinical rotations without complying with the orientation.

After having so much thought about it, I decided to go to the orientation and just ignored the fact that I wasted a Php7000-worth round trip plane ticket. And I am glad I did.

One month ago, I was having a hard time accepting the fact that two medical schools declined my application. My heart wasn’t just broken, it was shattered. But I needed to move on. I pushed my luck and applied again to a medical school near my hometown. It was my last option, so I had my fingers crossed. The third time really is a charm and true enough, I finally got accepted to a medical school as a pioneer batch.

So far, so good. I am learning more of what the school has to offer, of what they have for me and the rest of the students during our stay.

There are actually a lot of challenges yet to be encountered but this is what I have always wanted. And from what I hear, the school will be sending us to geographically-isolated areas where there are people who have not actually seen real doctors their whole lives. I am actually excited about this; we are not just going to learn, this is also an opportunity to serve. Plus, after all, I am not going to miss my monthly dose of adventure.

Whatever it is that lies ahead of me, I welcome it with all the courage I have saved up my entire life; of course, with my game-face mode on.   

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